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Mahjabin Haque: The newest Bangladeshi woman to join NASA

October 21, 2019
Mahjabin Haque The newest Bangladeshi woman to join NASA

Tiasha Idrak
Through her tirelessness and diligent work, Bangladesh-conceived Mahjabin Haque has been selected as a product engineer at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Mahajan finished her four-year college education in Computer Science and Engineering from Wayne State University, Michigan, this year.
During her time at Wayne State University, Mahjabin was an intern at two departments of NASA. She first started working as a data analyst at NASA’s Johnson Space Center which is situated in Houston, Texas. After that, she started her internship as a software engineer in the Mission Control Center. She worked in programming support, software design, testing, and maintenance at the center. Her four-month internships in both positions earned her an impressive resume and work experience.
From a young age, Mahjabin dreamed of working for NASA. She gives credit for a lot of her success to her mother Ferdousi Chowdhury, who has always encouraged her. During her university days, she, along with her fellow Bangladeshi students, founded the Bangladesh Student Association (BSA) in 2016. At first, she was the secretary of the organization, and then, she was appointed as the president.
Skilled in painting and designing, Mahjabin first came to the US with her parents in 2009. Though her father Enamul Haque stayed in Bangladesh due to his profession, Mahjabin lives in Michigan with her mother and brother. 
Mahjabin Haque: The newest Bangladeshi woman to join NASA Mahjabin Haque: The newest Bangladeshi woman to join NASA Reviewed by Rj Hridoy on October 21, 2019 Rating: 5


October 21, 2019


Numerous individuals are shocked to discover that there are a considerable number of dialects in Bangladesh. Bangladesh's legitimate language is known as Bangla or Bengali and is spoken by most by far of the populace. Bangla is additionally spoken in a few different nations, for example, India, Malawi, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the USA where various Bangladesh ostracizes may have taken up habitation.

There are various distinctive Bangla vernaculars that are by and large assembled by the different locales in Bangladesh. Because of the British colonization of the nation, English is additionally a generally communicated in and usually comprehended language in Bangladesh.

Other than this, there are 38 dialects that are being used in Bangladesh. On the off chance that you travel around the nation, you may experience dialects, for example, Arakanese, Assamese, Bishnupriya, Burmese, Chak, and Chakma. Other communicated in dialects include: Asho Chin, Bawm Chin, Falam Chin, Haka Chin, Khumi Chin, Chittagonian, Darlong, Garo, Hajong, Ho, Khasi, Koch, Kok Borok, Kurux, Megam, Meitei, Mizo, Mru, Mundari, Pankhu, Pnar, Rajbanshi, Riang, Oraon Sadri, Santali, Shendu, Sylheti, Tangchangya, Tipperary, Usui and War. These dialects may have geological, strict or ethnic causes and are kept especially alive in their specific topographical territories. Moreover, there are about 14 hard of hearing organizations where Indian Sign Language is instructed to the hard of hearing populace.

Obviously there are many living and communicated in dialects in Bangladesh and this lone changes it up of the nation. On the off chance that you are arranging an outing to the nation, you need not stress a lot over the different neighborhood dialects. In the event that you can communicate in English, you will normally have the option to get by very well. A little information of Bangla is honorable however not so much essential. Endeavors to comprehend nearby dialects or traditions as a rule prompts neighborly faces and open entryways.

Bangladesh wants to fight “fake news” during elections with internet shutdowns. We can’t let that happen.

October 20, 2019

As Bangladesh gets ready to go to the surveys on December 30th, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission and the administration have allegedly chosen to minimize versatile web from 4G to 2G, hinder broadband web, and square portable banking previously and during the races. The justification referred to will be to square "counterfeit news and purposeful publicity." But there's no proof to demonstrate that utilizing innately expansive, lopsided estimates like these will stop the spread of disinformation. Simultaneously, there is bounty to demonstrate it will place individuals at risk, hurt free articulation, and other human rights, and harm the economy.

The free articulation enduring an onslaught at a crucial time 

This isn't the first run through Bangladesh has blue-penciled substance, shut down, or throttled the web. In February, the Regulatory Commission requested all network access suppliers intentionally to hinder the web speed during school tests. In August 2018, instead of managing the issues that prompted gigantic understudy dissents, the administration reacted by hindering the versatile web. Simply a month ago, Bangladesh specialists blocked Skype for one day without adequate legitimization, with regards to the administration's ongoing site oversight and blocking dash. Throughout multi-week, specialists controlled in excess of 50 news entries to battle falsehood. This is occurring as Bangladesh's recently established Digital Security Act serves to confine the opportunity of articulation and quietness the media.

Races periods can be tense in numerous nations, and in Bangladesh, there have just been brutal political fights that have killed numerous and harmed considerably more. At the point when races are combined with brutal political fights this way, it turns out to be more, not less, fundamental that individuals have full access to data, the capacity to arrive at crisis and therapeutic administrations, and the ability to check in with their loved ones to check whether they are alright. Hindering the web or in any event, diving individuals into murkiness totally implies that more lives are put in danger.

Purposely backing off or slicing off access to the web likewise harms business. A shutdown would cost an expected $63,419,225 or BDT 5,310,345,402 every day, as per the COST apparatus from #KeepItOn individuals NetBlocks and the Internet Society.

In our work recording web shutdowns during races in spots like Mali, Cameroon, and Pakistan, we have seen occasions where, when governments have messed with access to the web, there are abnormalities with the decisions. So as to hold a free, reasonable, and tranquil political decision on December 30, the Bangladeshi government must forgo backing off, blocking, sifting, or closing down the web.

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The #KeepItOn alliance, speaking to in excess of 175 associations in 60 nations, consequently approaches government experts in Bangladesh to withdraw the choice to hinder broadband web and downsize versatile system speeds and to advise people in general of this choice.

Keep watch and offer your story 
Your story and any data you share about a shutdown that you experience can help reinforce the push to end these unsafe limitations on human rights. You can help educate universal news sources and give proof to worldwide backing against restriction and shutdowns in discussions like the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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During this forthcoming political decision in Bangladesh, we urge you to help the #KeepItOn alliance distinguish and report on an episode of online control, organize shutdowns, and stage squares you experience by utilizing this structure to recount to your shutdown story, giving solid subtleties on the immediate effect that it has on your life. At the point when we can report these episodes, we can bolster the battle to protect free articulation in Bangladesh and around the globe, so make certain to get the message out. We are tuning in.

Bangladesh wants to fight “fake news” during elections with internet shutdowns. We can’t let that happen.

Bangladesh wants to fight “fake news” during elections with internet shutdowns. We can’t let that happen. Bangladesh wants to fight “fake news” during elections with internet shutdowns. We can’t let that happen. Reviewed by Rj Hridoy on October 20, 2019 Rating: 5

নতুন নিয়মে || Viber 400 Minutes Free Call Any Number Bangladesh | ফ্রীতে 400 মিনিট Viber

October 15, 2019
নতুন নিয়মে || Viber 400 Minutes Free Call Any Number Bangladesh | ফ্রীতে 400 মিনিট Viber

নতুন নিয়মে || Viber 400 Minutes Free Call Any Number Bangladesh | ফ্রীতে 400 মিনিট Viber 

আসসালামুআলাইকুম বন্ধুরা আজকে আমি সম্পন্ন নতুন নিয়মে আপনাদেরকে দেখাব কিভাবে Viber এর মাধ্যমে ফ্রিতে 400 মিনিট নিবেন একদম ফ্রিতে আপনারা যদি ভিডিওটি একটুও কেটে কেটে দেখেন তা হলে কিন্তু আপনারা বুঝবেন না কিভাবে নিবেন হয়তোবা আপনার নিতে গেলে নিতে পারবেন না সেখানে ফেল দেখাবে আশা করি পুরোটা ভিডিও দেখবেন তাহলে বুঝতে পারবেন কিভাবে আপনারা নিতে পারবেন  নিন ফ্রি ৪০০ মিনিট। বিস্তারিত বর্ণনাসহ দেখুন… সবাই পাবেন

সিম ছাড়া আনলিমিটেড কথা বলুন যেকোনো নাম্বারে || Free Call Viber App

আজকে নিয়ে আসলাম নতুন একটা বিষয় কিভাবে নিবেন ৪০০ মিনিট ফ্রি বাংলাদেশের যে কোন নাম্বারে ব্যবহার করার জন্য? চলুন দেখাব কিভাবে ফ্রি ৪০০ মিনিট নিবেন ।

                 ভাইবার অ্যাপটি ডাউনলোড করার জন্য ডাউনলোড বাটনে ক্লিক করুন

প্রথমে আপনাদেরকে একটি কার্ড জেনারেট করে নিতে হবে লেখবেন 538766 লিখে তারপর জেনারেটর ক্লিক করবেন

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ভাইবার এর মাধ্যমে আপনারা নিতে পারবেন 400 মিনিট যত খুশি ততবার আপনারা এইটা উপভোগ করতে পারবেন বা ফ্রি মিনিট নিতে পারবেন আশা করি আপনারা সবাই নিবেন এবং বুঝতে কোন সমস্যা হলে আমাদেরকে কমেন্ট করে জানাবেন বা আমাদের ফেসবুক পেইজে আমাদেরকে নক করে জানাতে পারেন

অন্যের ফোন কল শুনুন নিজের ফোনে, প্রেমিকা বা নিজের স্ত্রীর ফোনের কল আনুন, অন্যের কল নিজের মোবাইলে নিয়ে আসা, অন্যের কল নিজের ফোনে আনবো কিভাবে, ফোন কল, ফোন কল শুনবো, যে কারো ফোন কল শুনবো, কিভাবে,কল ফরওয়ার্ড বন্ধ করার নিয়ম, অন্যের মোবাইলের কল নিয়ে আসুন আপনার মোবাইলে, কিভাবে অন্যের কল নিজের ফোনে আনা যায়।

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RelyCircle Mobile App Connects Small Businesses with Customers through One-of-a-Kind Social Referral System

October 13, 2019

Customers recommend small businesses via RelyCircle App and are rewarded when their referral leads to a sale
SECAUCUS, N.J., Oct. 14, 2019,/PRNewswire/ -- RelyCircle is a new social selling mobile app that connects small businesses with customers, helps gain new customers through referrals and rewards the customers who helped make those referrals. And best of all, there are ZERO upfront costs.

View on Mobile
"I realized that there needed to be a system that rewards consumers for the likes and recommendations that are responsible for the majority of purchases every day," said RelyCircle founder Minesh Chandarana.
Business owners can set up their free profile on the RelyCircle Business App and add referral promotions that each carry a referral fee they decide. RelyCircle provides a 100% free e-mail and text tool that lets business owners invite their customers to write & share their recommendations.
When one of those recommendations leads to a new sale via the referral promotions, the customer who wrote the recommendation is rewarded for the referral. The app's patent-pending referral system tracks the whole process across all platforms so that the customer who wrote the recommendation is automatically rewarded.

"In 2019, Digital ad spending in the U.S. alone is estimated to be $129 billion, so it's a huge part of the economy," says RelyCircle founder Minesh Chandarana.

All types of small businesses can benefit from RelyCircle. From local & home services to auto sales & repair businesses, professionals like architects, designers, fitness trainers and even healthcare professionals like dentists can use RelyCircle to connect with their customers.
RelyCircle aims to revolutionize social advertising by giving businesses a platform to reach and connect with a vast pool of customers without spending any money upfront for clicks or impressions.
Consumers can use the "RelyCircle" app completely free and earn Cash Rewards for each referral that leads to a sale. Local business search is the most common type of query performed by consumers and RelyCircle provides the answers based on user recommendations and distance only, providing consumers with unbiased answers to their search.
The "RelyCircle Business" app is also free to use for businesses, who only pay a referral fee when new sales are generated. The majority (55% or more & up to 75%) of this money goes directly to the customer whose recommendation led to the new sale. The app will retain a portion of the fee to market businesses on other platforms like Google & Facebook, while the rest is allocated for system maintenance, expenses, and profits.
And with the rising concerns over consumer privacy, RelyCircle's creators emphasize that consumer and business data will never be sold in order to gain revenue. The app's sole source of revenue will be referral fees.
The RelyCircle Business app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Businesses that register will be automatically entered to win a $10K makeover.
RelyCircle Mobile App Connects Small Businesses with Customers through One-of-a-Kind Social Referral System RelyCircle Mobile App Connects Small Businesses with Customers through One-of-a-Kind Social Referral System Reviewed by Rj Hridoy on October 13, 2019 Rating: 5

9 New Ways to Make Money Online

October 13, 2019

Photo: Mixetto | Getty Images

From leasing rooms on Airbnb to catching unspecialized temp jobs on TaskRabbit, it's not hard to discover chances to profit on the web. The gig economy has turned into a piece of our work culture, while internet business commercial centers have made a worldwide playing field for customary individuals hoping to sell items and administrations.

Against that setting, there are many tried and truly open doors out there to profit as an afterthought, from selling your photographs online to taking paid reviews. However, as sure as the sun rises every day, the online world keeps on delivering an assortment of better approaches to make some money.
How about we investigate a portion of those developing chances, regardless of whether it's a
completely better approach to produce some additional salary or a new way to deal with a current technique. A portion of these are simple, yet others require significant investment, inventiveness and even a touch of overhead. Also, as usual, do your own due constancy to ensure these alternatives are directly for you.

Become a sneakerhead

Selling tennis shoes online is ending up enormous business, and not only for Nike and Adidas. Stages like StockX, GOAT, Stadium Goods, Flight Club and Bump are energizing a blast in the shoe resale showcase. Sneakerheads are running to these stages to flip uncommon kicks, which they, as a rule, eat up straightforwardly from huge brands before increasing the cost on the web.

A major player here is StockX. Befitting its name, its site looks more like a stock exchanging stage than an online shoe store. For instance, in the event that you click on a couple of Yeezys, you'll find how it's deal cost has vacillated over ongoing months, a "ticker" and a measure for value instability. Purchasers spot offers and venders spot asks, and exchange happens naturally when the different sides adjust. StockX gathers a 3 percent installment handling expense on all deals, in addition to a 9.5 percent charge for all shoe deals (the site likewise sells other collectible things, similar to totes and watches).

Not persuaded? A couple of Nike Dunks that once retailed for $200 sold on StockX for $13,500 in July 2019, as per The Wall Street Journal.
The takeaway: The auxiliary market for collectible shoes is having a minute. It takes some overhead and legwork, yet in case you're down, you can even now profit on the fly.

21 Low-Cost Ways to Make Money From Home

Gauge the ramifications of offering access to you
Individual information is sought after, and in spite of the fact that it's questionable, you can gain by that in case you're unconcerned about security.

Look no more distant than Facebook, which presently offers installment in return for consent to follow your telephone utilization. In 2019, the online life organization propelled Study from Facebook, a statistical surveying application that gathers client information about telephone action as a byproduct of a regularly scheduled payout. The organization says it won't utilize the information to target ads or to offer to outsiders; it basically intends to find out about the propensities for cell phone clients. You need to enlist and get a welcome from Facebook to take part, with the application just accessible in the U.S. furthermore, India for those ages 18 and more established. Facebook doesn't reveal the amount it pays members, yet the organization says everybody who partakes is redressed.
Selling individual information online isn't totally new. The organization Datacoup has been around since 2012 and offers to help individuals sell their information secretly. At that point, there are choices like Panel App, which doles out remunerations to clients who take area-based reviews. By and large, this pattern should keep on giving normal chances to individuals wanting to profit. For example, on Prime Day in 2019 Amazon offered U.S. clients a $10 credit in the event that they let the web-based business goliath track the sites they visited.

The takeaway: If you're not connected to your protection, chances to sell your own information shouldn't be elusive.

Pursue the case of frugal young people
Individuals have since quite a while ago gone online to get out their storerooms, however, Gen Z is currently getting in on the activity. Look no more distant than Depop. It's a shopping application like stages like Poshmark and ThredUP, however, it's turned out to be especially mainstream among more youthful crowds.

Frequently portrayed as a blend of eBay and Instagram, Depop is a worldwide commercial center for in vogue used things, from vintage Prada to recently popular Old Navy sweatshirts from the mid-2000s. Venders have profile pages where they post pictures, depictions, and hashtags, while purchasers can pursue their preferred dealers and look through their posts in a feed. Like other online commercial centers, there are conceivably some overhead expenses for merchants and Depop takes a 10 percent cut of every deal.

The stage was initially propelled in Milan in 2011, yet as of late it has developed to order a faction following, with 15 million clients in 147 nations around the globe. Among dynamic clients, 90 percent are younger than 26, while an expected 33% of every one of the 16-to-24-year-olds in the U.K. are enlisted on Depop, as per one of the organization's financial specialists.
The furor gives off an impression of being grabbing hold in North America too. Depop says the number of things sold in the U.S. multiplied a year ago, and there are presently 5 million clients stateside. It's additionally pulled in a rush of shining inclusion from productions like The Atlantic, The New York Times and The Cut.

The takeaway: Depop is a long way from alone in the internet thrifting space, yet the stage has taken advantage of a market of high school tastemakers, making a dynamic better approach to purchase and sell on the web.

Sell away via web-based networking media
Individuals are acquainted with purchasing and selling on eBay, Craigslist or Etsy, yet internet based life stages are presently infringing on their market.

Take Facebook, for instance. The web-based life organization reported in 2019 that it's including new shopping highlights over its group of applications. That incorporates new transporting and installment choices for Marketplace, Facebook's rambling online business stage where you can swap everything from furniture to vehicles. The move will enable Marketplace clients to send things anyplace in the mainland U.S. also, pay for their buys straightforwardly through Facebook (something it recently didn't encourage). This comes after Facebook started giving clients a chance to employ contractual workers, cleaners, handymen and other home administrations through Marketplace beginning in 2018.

As anyone might expect, Instagram is likewise reinforcing its internet business highlights. Influencers, makers and online organizations would now be able to label items legitimately in posts, making it simpler for their supporters to purchase from them. Facebook is additionally adding new business instruments to its informing stage WhatsApp, which will enable individuals to see an item list legitimately inside the application when visiting with a business.
The takeaway: In its drive to encourage our every online activity, Facebook is making it simpler to purchase and sell a different cluster of items and administrations.

15 Quick Ways to Make Extra Cash Without Quitting Your Day Job

Think about putting resources into artistic work and great vehicles
A customary individual most likely can't stand to purchase a vintage Ferrari, however, shouldn't something be said about putting $50 in a solitary portion of a great vehicle? There's an application for that, called Rally Rd.

Rally Rd. works a stage where individuals purchase and sell value partakes in great autos for as meager as $50 through a progression of SEC-enlisted starting open contributions. The organization detailed in 2018 that it had 50,000 individuals who have consolidated to contribute millions, with a normal age of 26 among its client base. It has now extended to offer different collectibles, from a first release duplicate of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to a Honus Wagner baseball card.

The objective is to in the end offer these things to private authorities at a benefit. Obviously, this sort of elective speculation accompanies dangers, and there's no assurance the estimation of these advantages will appreciate. In any case, financial specialists with the correct craving should discover a lot of chances to get in on this pattern.

Another player here is Masterworks, an online stage concentrated on compelling artwork. Established in 2017, it expands shares in works from Picasso, Monet, and Warhol. At that point, there's Otis, an application that sells partakes in contemporary workmanship, tennis shoes and collectibles for as meager as $25. Otis as of late presented its first piece for speculation, a composition by Kehinde Wiley (who painted President Barack Obama's presidential picture). The organization revealed that in excess of 600 speculators partook in the deal.

The takeaway: Buying partakes in compelling artwork or vehicles probably won't be for everybody, except in case you're a speculator inspired by elective resource classes, online stages like Rally Rd. could be definitely fit for your abilities.
Stay aware of gig economy openings

The gig economy is the same old thing now, on account of organizations like Grubhub, Fiverr and Rover. Be that as it may, the gig scene keeps on changing, and you can, in any case, find better approaches to profit from this adaptable style of work.

Take Uber. The ride-sharing mammoth as of late revealed another application that matches gig laborers with a wide range of transitory employments. The undertaking, called Uber Works, propelled at first in Chicago in October 2019. The organization has banded together with various organizations in Chicago to offer gigs doing everything from mechanical production system work to bartending.
In any case, Uber Works is a long way from the main new gig economy opportunity. For instance, as of late propelled application Drum guarantees organizations access to a system of salesmen on interest. What's more, for eatery laborers, there's Pared, which interfaces wandering culinary specialists, servers, dishwashers, and line cooks to shifts. At that point there's Steady, an application propelled in 2017 that is proposed to make discovering gig work simpler while giving apparatuses to follow your salary.

The takeaway: New open doors keep on emerging in the gig economy, enabling more individuals with various abilities to win cash on the web. Influencer showcasing isn't only for VIPs You shouldn't be a VIP influencer to profit via web-based networking media. Nowadays, Instagrammers or YouTubers with as few as 1,000 devotees can pull in patrons.

These online tastemakers are regularly named as small scale influencers or nano-influencers, in promoting the language. Smaller-scale influencers, by and large, have between 2,000 to 50,000 devotees, while nano-influencers have 2,000 or less (in spite of the fact that the precise assignments are especially easy to refute).

These kinds of influencers are sought after in light of the fact that backers prize commitment and the greatest online networking stars aren't ensured to convey the best outcomes. Truth be told, influencers with just 1,000 adherents can create an 85 percent higher commitment than those with 100,000 supporters. A large number of these influencers are normal individuals posting about a pastime or exchange they're especially proficient about, from owning a photogenic hedgehog to presenting cleaning tips. Subsequently, their adherents regularly get increasingly close to home involvement and their suggestions put on a show of being progressively reliable.

The numbers back this up. A recent report proposed that 78 percent of twenty to thirty-year-olds were either uninterested or had a negative perspective on big name supports. That is directed to brands burning through 40 percent of their influencer spending plans on small scale influencers, with just 28 percent committed to big-name influencers, as indicated by a recent report.

Smaller-scale influencers don't order six-figure bargains, however, there's still cash to be made. Rates change, yet an influencer with 5,000 to 10,000 devotees can order up to $500 per post while the following of 25,000 can net $800, as indicated by a blog entry from an Instagram advertising firm Later.

Be that as it may, how might you get supports onboard? You can contact a brand legitimately, and there's additionally a whole industry dedicated to associating supports with important influencers. Alternatives incorporate TapInfluence, Tribe, Fohr, and Grapevine, among others. There are additional stages like Patreon, which enable autonomous substance makers to make cash by offering enrollments to their fans.

The takeaway: It's difficult to construct an enormous after via web-based networking media, yet guileful recordings of your moving batter could acquire some additional mixture, regardless of whether you just have an unassuming after.

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The rental economy keeps on opening-up
Fundamentally all that you possess would now be able to turn into a wellspring of additional salary, on account of the rental economy. The model promoted via Airbnb has now gone a long way past leasing rooms and homes.

Some more up to date Airbnb-style commercial centers incorporate Jettly, where you can lease a personal jet, or Simply, where you can lease your pool. At that point, there's Rent the Backyard, another organization helping mortgage holders transform their unused open air space into rental lodging by fronting the expenses of structure studio lofts in void lawns.

Others have been around for some time, similar to vehicle sharing stage Turo or distributed pontoon rental organization Boatsetter. There's likewise Hipcamp, the "Airbnb for campgrounds." Renting out exercises is a pattern as well, with organizations like BonAppetour enabling you to welcome outsiders over for supper. The rundown continues forever.

In the meantime, Airbnb isn't standing inert as new businesses join the brawl. In October 2019, the organization declared it would begin enabling individuals to lease creatures as a component of its encounters segment. That implies individuals can now paddleboard with corgis or go skateboarding with a bulldog.

The takeaway: As the gig economy, the rental economy keeps on advancing, with chances to credit out your things stretching out to about each edge of presence.
Live portable games are in play
From expert eSports competitions to gamers winning a living off their Twitch streams, there's some genuine money available for anyone in web-based gaming. In any case, shouldn't something be said about for ordinary people with unremarkable deftness?

As of late, live versatile games like HQ Trivia have turned into a simple method to have some good times and conceivably profit. HQ Trivia advanced live versatile gaming in 2017 when it started facilitating twice-day by day rivalries that pulled in a large number of individuals to seek prizes venturing into the thousands. Starting in 2019, HQ Trivia has apparently paid out $6.25 million in prizes, albeit a few champs have griped about deferrals in accepting their payouts. HQ Trivia's breakout achievement made ready for comparable games, including FiveAlive, Swagbucks Live, and Joyride.

Facebook to be subject to tougher controls after EU court ruling

Another player to watch is Tally, a startup established via Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson and sponsored by Amazon's Jeff Bezos. In 2018, Tally uncovered a spring up versatile game where members can win money prizes for making forecasts around major live occasions, from NFL games to the Oscars. For the 2019 Super Bowl, Tally offered a $250,000 thousand prize to any individual who effectively anticipated 16 inquiries regarding the game.

The takeaway: You're presumably not going to get rich messing around like HQ Trivia, however, they do give an engaging method to conceivably make some coin.

9 New Ways to Make Money OnlineThe 5 Things That Matter More Than Making Money7 Steps to Reduce Your Taxes by 10-40% Permanently
9 New Ways to Make Money Online 9 New Ways to Make Money Online Reviewed by Rj Hridoy on October 13, 2019 Rating: 5

Facebook to be subject to tougher controls after EU court ruling

October 12, 2019

Facebook will be dependent upon harder powers over online substance after the EU's most noteworthy court administered the web-based life organization can be requested by part states to expel disparaging material around the world.

The judgment from the European courtroom in Luxembourg was censured by free discourse associations for forcing limitations on online remarks. It successfully edges web access suppliers further not far off towards getting to be customary distributers.

The choice pursued a protest by the Austrian Green lawmaker Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek to Facebook Ireland – the organization's European central command – looking for the expulsion of remarks posted by a client.

The ECJ, decisions of which stay official in the UK, said internet based life locales can be requested to bring down unlawful material.

Host suppliers, for example, Facebook are as of now not obligated to put away data in the event that they have no learning of its unlawful nature or on the off chance that they demonstration "speedily" to evacuate or handicap access to that data when they become mindful of it.

The most recent decision, be that as it may, states exclusion doesn't keep online stages from being requested by national specialists to evacuate unlawful data or debilitate access to it.

An announcement for the benefit of the ECJ likewise proclaimed EU part states can arrange web organizations to square access to "data [deemed unlawful] worldwide inside the structure of the applicable global law, and it is up to part states to consider that law".

Free discourse associations cautioned the choice spoke to risk to the online substance. The official executive of philanthropy Article 19, Thomas Hughes, stated: "This judgment has significant ramifications for the online opportunity of articulation around the globe.

"Convincing web based life stages like Facebook to naturally evacuate posts paying little mind to their setting will encroach our entitlement to free discourse and limit the data we see on the web. The judgment doesn't consider the constraints of innovation with regard to computerized channels.

"The decision likewise implies that a court in one EU part state will have the option to arrange the evacuation of online life posts in different nations, regardless of whether they are not viewed as unlawful there. This would set a hazardous point of reference where the courts of one nation can control what web clients in another nation can see. This could be available to mishandle, especially by systems with feeble human rights records."

The judgment empowers a court in one EU part state to give a request that could be utilized to evacuate posts by clients around the globe, despite the fact that what is viewed as unlawful in one nation probably won't be viewed as unlawful in an alternate ward.

The choice additionally brings up issues about how material saw as unlawful in one nation will be distinguished by Facebook or other web-based life destinations without looking through the posts of every one of its clients.

Ted Shapiro, a specialist at London media law office Wiggin, stated: "The court perceived that essentially requiring a stage to bring down a particular bit of disparaging substance and substance indistinguishable from that would be too simple to even think about circumventing … It held that stages can likewise be requested to bring down comparable substance whenever indicated in a court request.

"This, the court stated, doesn't comprise an inordinate weight on the stage, especially where it has a plan of action to mechanized inquiry apparatuses and innovations... This gives greater lucidity to stages concerning what they should do to conform to their commitments under the law."

Facebook to be subject to tougher controls after EU court ruling Facebook to be subject to tougher controls after EU court ruling Reviewed by Rj Hridoy on October 12, 2019 Rating: 5

Tips for creating Best SEO content in 2019

October 08, 2019

In 2019, SEO well-disposed substance is about the intended interest group. Search engine optimization, by and large, includes the round of connections. Web optimization is essentially about moving of labels, making pathways for crawlers to discover your pages, and connecting sites to unquestionably rank on top. In the event that you are hoping to improve your substance showcasing through SEO, at that point you should utilize the practices that will profit your business. Make the substance that is profoundly instructive in light of the fact that when you straight away associate with the individuals and write in their own specific manner then naturally your site will move to number #1. Setting aside your watchword research and streamlining guides, we should discuss the various tips of SEO well-disposed substance. On the off chance that you wish to be the Best SEO Company in India, you should pursue the accompanying tips.

1. Change up your substance: No two searchers are the same, a few people need beautiful brilliant recordings and pictures while others get occupied by it. Contingent on the page and the intended interest group, it might be appropriate to have chronicles or pictures despite substance. Make an effort not to hinder the stacking time of your page with pointless reports. A progressively vital assortment of substance got together with cleaned making and a sound significance of substance will help increase your typical time-on-page.

2. Directed Keywords: Your substance won't reach to the intended interest group on the off chance that you won't utilize the focused on catchphrases. Utilize the catchphrases for which your crowd is effectively looking. For this, you have to realize that who your intended interest group is and what sort of data they are searching for? Recognize the individuals and their advantage, in like manner use watchwords.

3. Lucidness: At the moment that your crowd taps on the connections, every single segment on the page makes them have to remain and examine it. Likewise, when they remain and read, that makes your page look amazing to Google. It signals, "Hi, this page is imperative to the interest request! The customer has found the information they were looking for!". That is clarity, to be completely intelligible your substance needs to convey data that the peruser needs to know. At the point when your substance is justifiable, more individuals will associate it.

4. Authority VS Originality: If you have been giving out SEO-obliging substance for quite a while you may have seen a major mystery in both the counsel you've been given about SEO and the procedure that Google needs to rank pages. From one point of view, you've been encouraged to regard referring to sources, genuine associations, ace direction, and cases that are supported up. Of course, you've also been encouraged to esteem remarkable research and substance that incorporates a motivating force through new cases.

5. Put resources into Visuals: According to an ongoing examination, online journals and articles having pertinent pictures and recordings have 94% a bigger number of perspectives and offers than the ones with no pictures. This is on the grounds that we naturally notice pictures and recordings than the substance. Your substance looks increasingly proficient when you use photographs and recordings in your substance, so it's smarter to put resources into visuals for substance promoting. Being the Best SEO Company in India, Acme Infolabs realize how to actualize visuals in your SEO system.

6. Educational substance: The keys to dependable SEO content: Research. These days, the web makes it straightforward for practically any "ace" to make stunning cases with no supporting data. That suggests the people who do give supporting substances, sources, and data in their substance will adequately isolate themselves to improve things.

7. Research: Research is a somewhat mammoth connection magnet for SEO content. Incorporate new reports, measurements, reports, and data about the subject with the goal that you're substance looks genuine.

The last idea 

Presently with the tips above you are for the most part prepared to shake the SEO-accommodating substance in 2019. When you know the real request of the group of spectators, the outcomes will be extraordinary. At Acme Infolabs-the Best SEO Company in India, we realize how to advance the substance.
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The Vivo V17 Pro’s dual-lens, pop-up selfie camera shows you the best poses

October 03, 2019

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The spring-up camera has developed. Never again is one focal point enough, the world needs two focal points lifting out the highest point of a cell phone — or possibly that is the thing that Vivo thinks. Effectively a brand that puts a lot of accentuation on taking selfies, the principle champion component on the new Vivo V17 Pro is a mechanized double focal point selfie camera, and it truly looks extraordinary. The remainder of the telephone? It looks dazzling as well, and the midrange detail implies it tends to be yours at a sensible cost.

How about we investigate the Vivo V17 Pro — the equipment, programming, and what makes it unique. 

Designvivo v17 master news and impressions screen and Boxall/Digital Trends 

In case you're acquainted with the OnePlus 7T, you will perceive the Vivo V17 Pro's size and shape, as the telephone likewise has a bizarre 20:9 angle proportion screen. This makes the telephone's body shockingly minimized for one with a 6.44-inch show on the front. It's fundamentally the same as in size to the OnePlus 7T yet in addition the Asus Zenfone 6.

The back of the telephone is produced using glass, and my test model has a defender over the top, much the same as you'd typically find over the screen. It's stuck on there with some power, so I truly don't believe it should be evacuated, notwithstanding me needing to do as such. There's a quad-focal point camera set vertically at the highest point of the body, Vivo marking at the base, and a USB Type-C charging connector on the base. The telephone is very substantial at 201 grams (around 7 ounces), which is like the OnePlus 7 Pro, and at just shy of 10mm thick, the Vivo V17 Pro is a serious bunch.

My survey V17 Pro arrives in a lovely shading called the precious stone sky, which helps me to remember the Huawei P30 Pro's breathing gem shading with its serious shine, shellfish shell-like completion. It's tasteful, eye-getting, and more ladylike than the Huawei shading. Different hues incorporate precious stone dark and a 12 PM sea. Inside the container is a case produced using shaped plastic, yet sadly it's white as opposed to straightforward and shrouds the shading you pick.

The spring-up camera permits Vivo to dispose of the score, leaving the AMOLED screen with just slight fringes around it. It's fundamentally the same as the OnePlus 7T. I think it looks incredible, and the showcase itself, particularly in the Vivid shading mode, verges on coordinating the iPhone 11 Pro's brilliance and profundity while passing up the common tones and stick sharp lucidity.

Cameravivo v17 ace news and impressions camera frontend Boxall/Digital Trends 

The mechanized spring up camera is as smoothly displayed as you'd anticipate from the organization that spearheaded the camera type. You can pick distinctive audio effects to go with its ascent out of the body, and in spite of the fact that it tends to be utilized for face open, it's just as a reinforcement to the unique mark sensor. This implies it initiates simply after the unique mark ID flops multiple times. It shakes emphatically worked, with no sidelong development, and it will not move when wobbled about.

vivo v17 professional news and impressions self recommended present mode on the Vivo V17 Pro 

The single module contains two focal points, and it looks rather like a couple of eyes watching you over the highest point of the telephone. Fortunately, it's in a somewhat adorable, as opposed to worryingly severe, way. The selfie camera has a solitary 32-megapixel wide-edge focal point, in addition to an 8-megapixel ultrawide focal point. It takes great pictures, despite the fact that the excellence mode is very forceful.

I truly loved the stance suggestion highlight, however, where a blueprint of your picked posture — recorded at the base of the screen — is overlaid on the screen for you to pursue. This works for selfies, and for typical photographs as well. It's fun, extraordinary, and encourages you to look less cumbersome in selfies, and who doesn't need that? There's additionally a night mode for selfies, which is abnormal.

Taking photographs with the back camera is additionally fun. There are four focal points, — a 48-megapixel fundamental focal point, a second 8-megapixel ultrawide, 13-megapixel fax, and a 2-megapixel profundity focal point. It's flexible, imaginatively moving, and the best part is that takes great photographs whatever mode you attempt. Beside wide-edge and bokeh, there's a full-scale model, a moderate movement video mode, and a night mode to attempt. The alter highlights are additionally great, with changes to center in the bokeh mode, various channels, and bounty more. The camera application is a touch of confounding however, with an odd catch framework for changing the focal point and photograph mode, notwithstanding a slider under the viewfinder.

Particulars and software Vivo v17 genius news and impressions camera backAndy Boxall/Digital Trends 

The Vivo V17 Pro has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of extra room. The battery is colossal at 4,100mAh, and the provided power block has quick charging. The product is somewhat obsolete as it's Android 9 Pie underneath Vivo's very own Funtouch 9.1 UI. This is the weakest part of the V17 Pro.

Funtouch isn't pretty or that easy to use except if you're as of now originating from a Vivo telephone. The application symbols are spread over various home pages, plans don't generally coordinate, and all that you contemplated Android is extraordinary. For instance, every one of the easy routes typically found in the notification shade is covered up under an alternate menu that slides up from the base left of the screen. Numerous viewpoints that are terrible can be changed, including the critical console, however, there are an excessive number of superfluous pre-introduced applications occupying room, and such a large number of changes for the wellbeing of change to make it pleasant to utilize right away.

Cost and accessibility Vivo v17 master news and impressions side and Boxall/Digital Trends 

The Vivo V17 Pro has been declared as a universal discharge, yet so far has just been affirmed for India, where it costs what might be compared to about $420 U.S. Vivo has a developing nearness in Europe, where we trust the telephone will likewise be propelled later on. The brilliant equipment, tasteful structure, and extraordinary camera on both the front and the back make it enticing for around $400 if you can excuse the cumbersome programming.
The Vivo V17 Pro’s dual-lens, pop-up selfie camera shows you the best poses The Vivo V17 Pro’s dual-lens, pop-up selfie camera shows you the best poses Reviewed by Rj Hridoy on October 03, 2019 Rating: 5

raising dion netflix download full movie | Raising Dion | Netflix Official Site

September 24, 2019
raising dion netflix download full movie

Raising Dion is an upcoming American superhero science fiction web television series, based on the 2015 comic book and a short film of the same name by Dennis Liu, that is set to premiere October 4, 2019, on Netflix. ... Nicole must now keep her son's gifts secret with the help of Mark's best friend Pat, and protect Dion from 

At this point, we've presumably all got a genuinely smart thought of how a hero's inception story should play out - and it's difficult to envision a comic book adjustment thinking of another wind on those well-worn tropes. Be that as it may, Netflix's Raising Dion plans to revise that well-known account by exhibiting a saint's adventure from an entirely different point of view - that of a legend's mother, attempting to comprehend her child's forces and shield him from a world that may not acknowledge him. 

Get a first take a gander at Raising Dion in the display underneath, including a choice of at no other time seen pictures from Season 1:It's reasonable for state that guardians don't generally charge well in hero stories - and in fact, when we meet the intelligent, six-year-old Dion, he and his mom, Nicole, are grieving the loss of Dion's dad, Mark, who kicked the bucket under strange conditions. Yet, Dion still has the advantage of having his tireless mother in his corner - so when he starts showing superpowers, it's a test they face together. 

Showrunner Carol Barbee reveals to IGN that she moved toward the arrangement as "an adoration letter to mothers; to child-rearing. Now and again the distinction between turning into a saint or turning into a miscreant is the way you were raised. How you were adored ... There's a statement in Dennis' unique short that I simply love: 'The way do you raise a superhuman? First, you must be one.' No one feels equipped for bringing up a tyke, you simply learn as you go. Nicole has the extra challenge of bringing up a child with forces she doesn't have and doesn't get it. She needs to guard Dion against the world and the world safe from Dion. She needs to make sense of what her child is prepared to do while giving him a chance to grow up. Hard for us all to do." 

We before long discover that Dion's capacities are flighty and always advancing - they can be as commonplace as getting a bowl of oat before it crushes on the floor, or as ground-breaking as controlling the components. "Dion's a little child, and like every single little kid, they gain abilities and after that lose or abandon them as they develop," Barbee clarifies. "We thought of Dion as an undifferentiated organism - he could progress toward becoming anything. Dion's forces are situated in power yet his motor is his heart - feeling, unadulterated need. It's the reason sweet treats tail him (he needs them!) and why he can safeguard his Mom against an 80-foot beast. The more Nicole comprehends why Dion gets things done, the more she can guide and support him." 

Alisha Wainwright, who plays Nicole, uncovers that when Dion first starts showing powers, "she's frightened. Basically, in light of the fact that what he can do is so unusual, she's apprehensive he may hurt himself or others." When we initially meet her, Wainwright says, "Nicole is having one of the most feverish days of her life ... she's a single parent attempting to adjust life while keeping things fun. [But] regardless of what occurs in their lives or how insane things get, she will consistently put Dion first and do all that she can to ensure him." 

Dion's dad, Mark, might be dead, yet despite everything, he poses a potential threat for those he abandoned - from Nicole and Dion to his youth closest companion Pat (Jason Ritter) who is additionally Dion's guardian. Fortunately, notwithstanding official creating the show, Michael B. Jordan likewise plays Mark in flashbacks, which help add profundity and setting to the connections that drive the show. 

Look at Michael B. Jordan in his forthcoming film job, Just Mercy, which earned rave audits at the Toronto International Film Festival: "Nicole and Mark were in that stand-out adoration, and they felt it as far back as they initially met," Wainwright says. "Their relationship had battles quite recently like some other, however as they worked through those difficulties, they developed nearer together. Notwithstanding, Mark had a propensity for maintaining mysteries in control to secure his family, however as the story unfurls it ends up evident that correspondence could've been advantageous to their relationship." 

Includes Barbee, "Imprint is a gutsy, brave, mentally inquisitive individual whose activity takes him to unimaginable lengths. When he has Nicole and Dion, Mark is always conflicted between his work and his family - something a ton of guardians can identify with, I'm certain. He comprehends that his decisions have removed him and made Nicole's activity harder thus Mark is continually attempting to return to his family - to be with them, to satisfy his vows to them and to ensure them - even after death." 

Barbee says that Jordan was a "hands-on maker, giving notes on story and contents. He has an astounding preference for music and said something intensely there ... It was an all-out delight working with Michael. What an incredible person. What's more, the children went wild getting the chance to work with Killmonger. Having been a child entertainer himself, Michael guided Ja'siah - it was superb to watch." 

Concerning the main legend himself - Young pervades Dion with a lot of silliness, genuineness, and disposition, unhesitatingly standing his ground inverse his grown-up co-stars. Barbee uncovers that during the throwing procedure, Young was a champion from the beginning: "When Ja'Siah appeared, we were all in understanding that he was the one. He was exceptionally regular. He switched up the manner in which he did the lines, which means he was tuning in and responding from the heart as opposed to having customized line readings that he couldn't break out of. He additionally resembled a blend of Alisha Wainwright and Michael B. Jordan - fortunate for him!" 

You can pursue Dion's brave ascent for yourself when Raising Dion is discharged on Netflix worldwide on October 4. Meanwhile, look at what else is new to Netflix this September:

raising dion netflix download full movie | Raising Dion | Netflix Official Site raising dion netflix download full movie | Raising Dion | Netflix Official Site Reviewed by Rj Hridoy on September 24, 2019 Rating: 5
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